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Experience life-changing growth as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor.

Be a hero to PreK - 3rd grade students who struggle with reading by serving as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor.  Lakewood has a part time tutor, Stephanie Tomczak and looking for a full time tutor. Whether you want to explore a career in education, re-enter the workforce, or give back to your community, you can make a difference as a tutor. Please contact Brianne Benson-Schlegel, if you are interested in helping the students at Lakewood Elementary School. Last year, Minnesota Reading Corps provided direct services to more than 30,000 children in more than 700 schools across the state.

IMGAs a tutor, you'll see a student's progress – in their test scores, in their other school work and in their eyes as they light up with the satisfaction of knowing they can learn. No child wants to stand out because they can’t learn as quickly as other kids. We’re helping more kids catch up and soar on their own. And you can be part of it. 

Tutors receive extensive training and support from onsite coaches. Tutors are paid a living allowance, given federal student loan forbearance, and a re eligible for an education award at the end of their service. Tutors 55 or older may gift the award to a child or grandchild. 

Learn how you can get involved by visiting You can also help by telling a friend or family member (grandparents make great tutors, too!) about openings at our school and statewide! Positions start at various times. Send questions to: or call 218-464-5112 x 201.